A vacuum trailer truck is a tank truck that comes equipped with an industrial grade vacuum that is specially made to pneumatically suck in solids, liquids, slurry or sludge through its suction lines -- that are usually around two to four inches in diameter. The most common pump that is used today is called rotary vane vacuum pump (a positive displacement pump with vanes attached to a rotor which rotates within a cavity). This type of truck can be made to be a hydraulic drive or direct belt drive system. The pump can be mounted in two ways. First, it can be secured directly on the truck -- with the truck's motor propelling the vacuum drive. Second, it can be mounted on the trailer with a dedicated motor powering the vacuum drive.

Vacuum trailers are generally used by towns, cities, governments and various commercial companies around the world. They are very useful and are a valuable tool to help people live comfortably in a clean, waste free environment. Sooner or later, people are going to need the services of a vacuum truck, whether it is a town that needs to unclog a drainage system, or a diner that needs to empty its grease-drain trap. More people are curious about the services being offered by vacuum trailers -- about what they are capable of and the process involved in the job. This is because people want to know if and when they will need a vacuum trailer for their cleaning problems.

Vacuum trailers are capable of handling all kinds of sanitary waste disposal services. When one is looking to hire a vacuum truck, he or she needs to look at the truck's manufacturer, its total capacity, and how many axles it has (more axles means more power). When it comes to functionality, these trucks can be divided into three categories: solid and liquid materials, liquid-only, and high velocity. The first two are self-explanatory, while the last one is a type of vacuum trailer that is specifically made to get to hard to reach places, and is capable of cleaning just about every type of material, including solid, liquid, toxic, and non-toxic materials, as well as a range of textures from fine powder to huge chunks of material.